Stand Out from the Crowd


A unique style or theme will make your function stand out and is a key part of creating an occasion that your guests will enjoy and remember.

We specialise in creating unique functions to suit your specific requirements, objectives and budget.

By combining our extensive technical and creative skills with our wide range of equipment and props, we can transform any venue into an outstanding setting for your social function. Whether you desire a particular style, theme, era, culture or colour, we can ensure that your vision leaves an everlasting impression.

We stock, create and can source a wide range of props and theming items to style your function. We also have a variety of draping to suit all venues, and these are available in a range of colours and sizes.

We use an innovative free standing pole system to overcome the challenges of drape and banner installation and leave venue walls untouched.  An ‘on-the-ground’ solution, the pole system allows drapes, scenery, decorations and banners to be hung or lifted to a variety of heights with ease. The modular design of this system means that it will almost certainly fit into your venue of choice.


Production & Styling Services for
events, functions and weddings

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